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Myomin - Natural Hormone TherapyOur Most Popular Product: Myomin

Do you or someone you know have cysts, tumors, fibroids, endometriosis, prostate problems or belly fat?

Estrogen dominance could be a contributing factor in many ailments in men and women.   Myomin is our most popular product because it is a natural herbal remedy that is a hormone balancer. To learn more about this very important supplement, visit the Myomin page.BuyNowButton2

Do You Have These Issues?

  • Heart condition?
  • Liver or kidney problems?
  • Digestive issues?
  • Red dots on your torso?
  • Undiagnosed ailments?
  • Prescription drugs not working?
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Chi Analysis provides high-quality herbal formulas and natural remedies. We specialize in products by Dr. Chi of Chi Health and Devita Organic Skincare.

Chi Analysis also offers health information and articles about fingernail and tongue analysis, herbal products and natural remedies for many common ailments.

Featured Product

Oxypower - Natural Herbal RemediesOxyPower

OxyPower is an herbal formula that is effective for lung congestion, and has an anti-fatigue function.   It increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the red blood cells by six times.

OxyPower increases energy, protects vascular cells from damage and is excellent for smokers, athletes and those living in high altitudes.

Learn more about OxyPower.

Featured Article

Did you know that you can analyze the health of your body by looking at your own fingernails and tongue? But why use the fingernails and tongue? We explain why and offer some tips on fingernail and tongue analysis in the article: Fingernail and Tongue Analysis Tips.