Myomin - Natural Hormone TherapyA natural remedy for cysts, tumors, fibroids, prostate issues, estrogen dominance and other hormonal issues.

Main Ingredients: Smilax, Curcuma, Cyperus, Aralia.
Bottle contains 120 capsules with 400 mg per capsule.
Dosage: 2-3 capsules, 2-3 times per day after meals or with meals.


  • Myomin is a natural aromatase inhibitor that reduces estradiol and estrone in both men and women. That’s why Myomin is such an important and unique herbal formula for estrogen dominant conditions such as cysts, tumors, fibroids, endometriosis, prostate problems and even belly fat. Estrogen could also be a contributing factor to growths in the colon.
  • While estrogen is an important part of reproductive processes, we also can receive an excess through through environmental toxins like hormones in our beef and chicken, pesticides in our fruits and vegetables and plastic products. Even our children are being affected with early development and hormonal issues that are being tied to estrogen dominance.
  • Cherry Angiomas (bright red spots) found on the torso and red dots on the sides of the tongue are a sign of excess estrogen.
  • Myomin is our best selling product because estrogen dominance seems to be a source of many of our modern illnesses. Read the Health Tips to Avoid Estrogen Dominance article for additional information.

John Gray explains how Myomin helps balance estrogen hormone levels


Case Reports

  • J. Stickel, DC, from IA, reports on a patient with uterine fibroids and colon polyps. After taking Myomin for only 3 months, her uterine fibroids and polyps had completely disappeared.
  • Nov, 2008 – S.B., 65 year old female from FL, had a 2 inch fibroid on her left breast. After one year on Myomin, the fibroid cleared.
  • J. Iannetta, DC from ME, has a 57 year old female patient who had vaginal bleeding. A test on Aug 18, 2007, showed she had a very high estradiol level for her age. 413 pg/ml. On Oct 8, 2008, after taking Myomin for 14 months, her estradiol level has reduced significantly to 43 pg/ml.
  • Apr, 2009 – D. Miller, PhD from CA, has a female patient who has had a big breast lump for 5 years. For a year, she took Myomin, Angiostop and Revivin (two more of Dr Chi’s products). The breast lump reduced to half its size.
    Feb, 2009 – R. Rozich, DC from IL, has a 75 year old male patient who had an increasing PSA level. In January, 2007, his PSA was 4.79. In December, 2008, it had increased to 6.3. Then he started taking Myomin. In Feb 2009, his PSA reduced to 5.67.
  • Ruth J., from FL reports that her hot flashes have significantly decreased since beginning Myomin.
  • R. Bernhoft, MD from CA, has a 50 year old male patient with elevated estradiol and abnormal PSA levels. He took Myomin and Prosta Chi for 3 months and his estradiol returned to normal. His abnormal PSA level has reduced to 1.6 after a year.
  • B. Sanborn, DC from Minnesota, reported on a 16 year old male patient with gynecomastia. His hormonal levels of estradiol and DHT were too high. After taking Myomin and Prosta Chi for two months, his estradiol reduced from 300 to 70 and his DHT reduced from 1100 to 250. His gynecomastia also improved.