Asparagus Extract Bottle

Asparagus Extract


Turn Your Body Alkaline. To Improve Immune System, Heart and Kidney Problems.
Three capsules or one tea pack of Pure Asparagus Extract equals 1/2 lb. of whole organic asparagus.
It contains Asparaginase, Asparagoside, organic folic acid, glutathione, selenium, etc. Bottle contains 120 capsules with 500 mg per capsule.
Dosage: 2-3 capsules, 2-3 times per day before meals.
*Gout sufferers should NOT take Asparagus Extract.

Product Description

  • Asparagus Extract is a natural diuretic which helps improve kidney function.
  • A higher folic acid intake reduces the risk of hypertension and homocysteine levels.
  • One dose contains more than 400ug of organic folic acid which is recommended for pregnant women and women of child-bearing age.
  • Helps turn your body alkaline.
  • Improves immunity.
  • To learn more about Asparagus, read the blog post What Makes Asparagus Healthy?

Case Reports

  • M. McCain, ND from AR, has a 70 year old male patient who could not urinate due to a degenerating kidney condition. She suggested Asparagus Extract. The very next morning, he began urinating and in 3 weeks, he had fully recovered kidney function.
  • R. C. from OK took Asparagus Extract for only 2 weeks and her blood pressure dropped from 200/140 mmHg to 187/118 mmHg.
  • Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, NC, in his book Asparagus Can Do It For You wrote, “Asparagus should be taken by everyone for heart balance and cancer prevention. Other benefits are to the immune system and heart arrhythmia. Because it is so hard to get people to eat Asparagus everyday I highly recommend this food supplement.”