CuraMed Effervescent by EuroMedica


CuraMed Effervescent is a powerful antioxidant containing 350mg of Clinically Studied BCM-95® Curcumin plus Ginger Extract. Great for people who have difficulty swallowing pills.

CuraMed Effervescent supplies 135 mg of pure curcuminoids in every dose.

Box contains 30 vegan Effervescent tablets.


CuraMed Effervescent are convenient, on-the-go effervescent tablets. An alternative option – easily dissolves – perfect for children and adults who have difficulty swallowing. 135 mg of curcuminoids per tablet. Mild tangerine flavor – tastes great!

The health benefits of curcumin, the active compound from the Indian spice known as turmeric, have been well documented. However, plain curcumin is also difficult for the body to absorb. That’s why the best extracts – like the BCM-95® high-absorption curcumin in CuraMed® are enhanced with other ingredients to ensure better absorption.

BCM-95® curcumin starts with plain curcumin, and then blends it with turmeric oil for superior absorption that is safe and clinically verified in 27 published studies. In fact, CuraMed® is up to 10 times better absorbed than plain curcumin, and has a sustained blood retention time at significant and beneficial levels in the bloodstream.

This high-potency formula features clinically studied BCM-95® Curcumin, and yields a minimum of 135 mg of curcuminoids per Effervescent tablet.

CuraMed® – Strong Curcumin, Outstanding Benefits:

  • Supports liver, brain, heart, and immune health
  • Protects cells from oxidative stress and free radicals
  • High antioxidant ORAC value > 1,500,000 (Based on independent lab analysis per 100 grams BCM-95®)
  • Patent-protected method using curcumin blended with turmeric essential oils containing ar-turmerones to boost absorption and enhance results



Directions: Drop one tablet into 8 oz. of water or your favorite beverage and allow tablet to dissolve. Works in warm or cold beverages. Customize taste by adjusting amount of water. May adjust dosage as desired by adding more than one tablet.

Serving Size: 1 Effervescent Tablet
Servings Per Container: 30

Curcumin (Curcuma longa) Rhizome Extract (BCM-95®) enhanced with turmeric essential oils and standardized for curcuminoid complex (curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, and bisdemethoxycurcumin) supplying ≥135 mg of pure curcuminoids, Ginger (Zingiber officinale) Rhizome Extract standardized for 6% gingerol content

Contains No: sugar, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy products, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, or artificial preservatives.


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