Slender All

Slender All - Natural Herbal Weight LossRemoves fat by 51% if taken before meals and burns fat faster if taken before exercise.

Ingredients: Chitosan, Amorphophallus, Allium, Raphanus, Schisandra, Zingibar, Crataegus.

Bottle contains 120 capsules with 500 mg per capsule.

Dosage: 2-3 capsules, 2-3 times per day before exercise or meals.



  • Removes fat by 51% if taken before meals. Slender All binds to fat molecules, preventing absorption of fat into the bloodstream.
  • Burns fat faster if taken before exercise.
  • Removes excess ADP in the metabolic pathway. When one exercises, ATP (energy) is converted to ADP. As ADP accumulates, the fat burning process is inhibited.
  • Has bile-binding capabilities, inhibiting intestinal re-absorption of cholesterol.
  • For better results, try the entire weight loss program of Slender All, Pro-Metabolic and Myomin (for belly fat).

Case Reports

  • H.G., a 40-year-old male from CA, used to weigh 194 lbs. After taking Slender All (4 caps/day) and a regular workout (1 ½ hours, 4x
    weekly) for 5 months, his weight reduced to a healthy 156 lbs and his fat has reduced from 34% to 26%.
  • F.G. a 36-year-old male from CA, used to weigh 234 lbs. For 3 ½ months he took Slender All and exercised regularly and now weighs
    188 lbs. He went from having a 36-inch waist to a 33-inch waist. His body fat reduced from 34% to 30.1% with no diet changes.
  • J. Blair, ND from NJ, has a 57-year-old female patient who used Slender All and Pro-Metabolic for over a year and lost 50 lbs.
    Another patient lost 20 lbs on the same program.