Vein Lite

Vein-Lite-Natural Herbal RemediesFor Circulation, Heart, Brain, Cold Hands and Feet. Increases Microcirculation.

Ingredients: Salvia, Ligusticum, carthamus, Paeoniae, Cyperus, Ginkgo.

Bottle contains 120 capsules with 500 mg per capsule.
Tea packs contain 3 grams per tea bag.

Dosage: 1-3 tea packs daily or 2-3 capsules, 2-3 times per day after meals.

Bottle of 120 capsules is $45.00/Box of 30 tea bags is $35.00

  • Improves blood flow, blood thickness and fibrinogen levels.
  • Increases pulmonary and coronary circulation.
  • Functions as an oral fibrinolytic agent to improve the symptoms of fibromyalgia.
  • Helps turn your body alkaline.
  • Improves cerebral function and restores cognitive functions after a stroke.

Case Reports

  • Barber, DC from AK reports on a 60 year old male patient who had very poor leg circulation.
    After 5 months on Vein Lite, he experienced a 55% improvement in circulation as measured by the Doppler Instrument.
  • D. Dornfeld, DO, and N. Rosen, DO, from NJ, used Vein Lite for angina pectoris patients and pain was eliminated.
  • E. Cole, MD from AK, has several patients who suffer from numbness of the limbs, to whom neurologists had suggested surgery. Patients took Vein Lite and the limbs returned to normal due to improved blood circulation.